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Made in USA - "Cynthia Ashby speaks to the woman who does not subscribe to fashion trends. This woman is on a perpetual treasure hunt, collecting pieces to mix and layer, creating different combinations and infinite choices for her wardrobe.”

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Skif manufacture an extensive line of knitwear and cut-n-sew. Styles include pullovers, cardigans, vests, dresses, tops, pants, and, skirts.

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Made in USA -

M square is a collection born from the idea that many designers overlook, the importance of what you want and need.  Your life is multidimensional and your wardrobe is an important part of expressing who you are to the world.  We asked... "What do you want to see?  What is missing that you never seem to find? How would you like to push the boundaries to be more fashion forward ? "  We designed this collection to be all about YOU.

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