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Neetu Malik has been representing my collection for about 20 years. Her prominent presence in both my professional and personal life has been most instrumental.  Neetu is a consistent blend of Fashion, business,spirituality, and intuition, and she is generous in sharing her talents. This is not an easy industry to survive and thrive in- Neetu's talents have kept her evolving and adapting, while staying true to her core beliefs. She proudly wears her integrity-she has earned it! I love working shows with Neetu- she is a fascinating woman with a rich history-people are captivated by her. She has taught me a lot about sales and merchandising through the years-I can say that my collections have improved as a direct result of her coaching and feedback.

 I admire her clothing line, M Square. Neetu identified a need in the market for unique item shirts-she began the line with this concept and since has grown it into a statement brand that her customers rely on . She has a keen eye for color and texture-and shapes come naturally to her.

 Neetu has been an amazing partner for me in my career. She has the tenacity to gracefully navigate the ever changing waters of the fashion industry and I am eternally grateful to be on board with her.

- Cynthia Ashby -

Designer & Owner of Cynthia Ashby, Inc.

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