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Business Tip: Read & Learn Always

Learning is something that we all will do for the rest of our lives. Proactively making time to read and learn new things will greatly benefit you as a person and impact your business in many positive ways.

Why Read?

You might feel that there is already so little time in your day to even fathom time to sit down with a good book, but you really need to make time for it. Reading and Learning help keep your mind sharp and updated so you can make the best business choices that you can.

Reading a good book helps jump start your creativity and always your mind and body to rest and imagine. In a creative field like fashion, you need time to rejuvenate and be inspired. Reading the news and fresh magazines helps you stay on top of trends, and important people and information that may impact your business. Reading self-help and learning based books like "The Art of Dealing with People" by Les Giblin or "The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries help you grow as a person by obtaining new skills and help you learn new ideas to make your business better. To sum it up, reading takes time but it may save you time by making better decisions for your business.

Recommended Reading

  • Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Read this book for great insight into building a successful business like Nike.

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